A word on liberty

I firmly believe that the current state of affairs in our once great nation is due primarily to one thing: people have begun to confuse liberty with license.  We as human beings are predisposed to acting in accordance with that which we know to be wrong and/or unnatural.  So thus does history show us that when a free society is built upon the basis of license, governed only by man’s own selfish whims, that society tends towards collapse from within.  A truly free nation, then, based on liberty, must be founded upon true moral clarity, a clarity that can only come from establishing a clear distinction between right and wrong and by extension natural and unnatural that all of society must abide by.  Because of man’s predisposition towards sin, liberty and the laws which protect it must therefore be constrained by the moral precepts inherent in the natural order whose laws we as human beings are fully cognizant of.

Man is predisposed towards sin because of one thing that sets us apart from any other form of life: our rational minds.  Animals are incapable of sinning simply because they have no rational minds.  I wonder if in some ways those animals are better off.  Because since our gift of a rational mind is tainted, it is both a blessing and a curse.  When used wisely and ethically, our rational minds can lead us to great achievements that mutually benefit society.  When used in an unwise and unethical manner, our rational minds become our greatest downfall and we thus drag society down with us whenever we use our gift unwisely.  So because of the dual nature of our rational minds, any liberty we have in a free nation must be restricted by a law that was, is, and forever shall be constant: natural law (for those of us religious a gift that stems from divine law).  This law, unwritten except upon our very being, binds us to the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong, which in turn gives us the moral clarity by which to form a truly free republic.  This law, constant by the simple fact that it is not a man-made law but a constant force of nature, cannot be redefined by man, though as they say: It ain’t for lack of tryin’.  But in the end, a constant can only be one thing: constant.


2 comments on “A word on liberty

  1. squirrely1 says:

    great blog Gater…..the thing that strikes me is that so many times we try to deny that we were born into sin. Many times people try and say…oh we are innocent until we find corruption…but really?? No I do not believe this…because as soon as we can stand upright and or crawl as a tiny human being…what do we do?? We reach for a desired object and even when Mom or Dad yells NO at us…..we will turn and continue on our quest of the forbidden fruit…even knowing that it is wrong and may bring consequences…whY?? Well because it is that constant desire to do our own thing…our own will and rebel. It proves our true nature and that it is sinful. So we need a savior and redeemer. As soon as everyone figures that out….we would be better off. Now I don’t want you to think that I believe the human race is doomed or evil and corrupt….I believe that people are basically good…and try to do the right thing….however, it is a constant struggle against our original sin nature and true goodness and redemption can never fully happen unless we recognize that and ask God to save us and make us whole. “For all has sinned and fall short of the Glory of God” Romans 3:23 http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Romans+3:23&version=NIV

    • madgater says:

      Sort of right…..though original sin is a state of being, not an act….sin we commit of our own free will are called actual sins in the Catholic Christian faith…..but we do have the predisposition to commit actual sin as a temporal effect of the original sin of Adam and Eve..so it is because of this that whether or not one has committed a sin, most especially a mortal one, follows 2 basic principles: knowledge and intent

      so basically you only commit a sin if number one you know that what you plan to do is wrong….and number 2 knowing it’s wrong intend to commit the wrong anyway

      for example an accident that results in the death of an innocent is just that…an accident…no sin was committed because the intent was not there to kill the person

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