Jesus: Son of Man, Lamb of God

Why Jesus?  How is it He is God the Redeemer made flesh?  To better understand this, one must first understand the original Passover meal given to us in the Book of Exodus and the part the lamb played.  In chapter 12 verse 5 we are told that the lambs used had to be unblemished, that is one of the key words right there.  Lambs, as we know, are the most innocent and trusting of all the creatures of the world, and yet the Jews were directed to slaughter these innocent animals, eat their flesh, and smear their blood upon their lintels.  It is shortly after that that by God’s grace they are led out of slavery to the Egyptians.  So for the Jews to be free of the Egyptians, they had to sacrifice the lives of numerous lambs, unblemished and innocent (sound familiar yet?)

God did not do this just to free His Chosen from the Egyptians, he did this to prefigure to His Chosen how He would save them from slavery to sin.  In order to do this He would have to create a virgin womb by protecting the woman He chooses to be the Virgin Daughter of Israel, who would necessarily be the owner of this virgin womb, from the stain of the original sin, making her and the womb she possesses untouched by sin.  In this womb would he use the Virgin Daughter of Israel’s flesh for the unblemished flesh of the new Son of Man, into which God would pour His very essence, and thus would this new Son of Man become the unblemished Lamb of God, whose slaughter and sacrifice would free us from sin and purchase for us the means by which we can be restored to grace.  Some said that He could not have been the Messiah because the temple was not rebuilt.  But they forgot what constituted a true temple.  No building or construct of man could ever hope to house the full essence of Our Lord.  Yet the unblemished yet frail flesh of Jesus housed God’s full essence.  That would make Jesus a true temple and He did indeed willingly destroy this temple and rebuild it in 3 days (when He resurrected).  And thus in the Catholic Church the tabernacles are true temples as they house the Body and Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Our Lord, the Lamb of God, appearing to us under the forms of bread and wine.


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