Self-Defense and the Second Amendment

Gun-banning activists contend that if guns are outlawed, then society will will be much safer.  This is false when one considers the old adage: If guns are outlawed then only outlaws will have guns.

Because of the sinful world we live in, there will always be people who exist that don’t give a rat’s tuchis about the law.  These are the people we rightfully call outlaws.  In such a world the law of every truly free society must then, and is indeed morally bound to, recognize the natural right of the citizenry to defend themselves.  There is indeed a world of difference between an outlaw wielding a gun and a law-abiding citizen who carries one for the purpose of defending himself and others.

Our liberty was given to us by the blood, sweat, and tears of our ancestors.  So thus it is by being willing to fight in order to defend ourselves and our natural unalienable rights that we can protect this gift from those who seek to rob us of this gift through crime.  The law-abiding citizens who exercise their right to choose to keep and bear arms through concealed-carry permits must undergo a lot of extensive training in weapon safety and just use of such a weapon.  So these people are by no means simple-minded individuals.

And like I say, if you aren’t man enough to do what it takes to defend your life, the lives of your friends and family, the lives of other innocents, or property then perhaps you aren’t man enough to have them in the first place, though there isn’t much we can do about life.  Just don’t come cryin’ to us because you were too much of a wuss to defend that which you hold dear and lost everything you held dear as a result of crime.


One comment on “Self-Defense and the Second Amendment

  1. colfoley says:

    Excellent point, and you touch on what I mightg blog about one day, the right to bear arms is not neccessarily to bear arms, but what is inherent in that declaration is the right to defend oneself, and their life, their liberty, and their property. And Guns is just the way of doing it for this society.

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