Our Republic: Hate the sin, not the sinner

I love America.  I love every inch of Her.  Because when our ancestors built this nation, they did so by remembering why they fled: lack of liberty in their country of origin.  So when our ancestors fought and died to throw off the yoke of British tyranny, they did so in order to create a government based on true liberty.

But then we ask, what is true liberty?  We as a people yearn for freedom.  Oftentimes, however, we yearn for too much freedom.  People have forgotten that any free society in order to be truly free must be constrained by the constant force known as natural law.  In this law exists the precepts by which a clear distinction between right and wrong can be established.  I love America because of this unique trait that sets Her apart from the many and varied tyrannies that exist throughout the world.  Natural law gives us the moral clarity to treat every human being within our borders with equal respect and dignity, while at the same time not giving any quarter to the many and varied intrinsically wrong and sinful behaviors.  This is because of a philosophy most of our ancestors lived by, a philosophy inherent in the Judeo-Christian kingdom: Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Because of this philosophy we have a unique system of laws in our country.  A system of laws that give us all the freedom we could ever want provided we abide by the natural law that serves as the basis of our system of laws.  This unique system of laws punishes wrongdoing while at the same time treating all citizens with equal respect and dignity.  And look what is being done to our once proud Republic.  People now seek to abide moral relativism in this republic, the exact opposite of moral clarity.  This would do nothing except create a society where every man is a slave to the government who is driven not by natural law, but by laws made on the basis of man’s own transient and selfish whims.


One comment on “Our Republic: Hate the sin, not the sinner

  1. colfoley says:

    Very interesting take on this, very interesting, not quite what I meant so I might do one myself :P. But this one is a very interesting blog and article talking about faith, and talking about how we can respect everyone and give them their rights as long as they respect those rights and do not compromise rights by violating natural law.
    As I said an interesting take to this, and something to muse on, look forward to reading more 😛

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