Conservatism and the Christian Work Ethic

I’ve been thinking about the core values most conservatives abide by.  And I came to the conclusion that while anyone can subscribe to these values, conservatism has more in common with Christianity.

First let’s examine conservatism.  The work ethic we conservatives subscribe to is a very unique one.  The work ethic we subscribe to says that the only fair way to obtain wealth is to work for it.  So we constantly labor and invest a great amount of time, talent, and treasure in order to obtain for ourselves a better life.  We labor so that we can reap the rewards of our labor.  If there are no tangible rewards except for maybe some empty “job well done, sport!” phrases, then where is our incentive to labor?

This is why conservatism shares much in common with the Judeo-Christian mindset.  This mindset leads us to the ethic by which we can obtain eternal life: spending our earthly years casting off our sinful nature.  We labor to do this so that we may earn eternal life with God in Heaven.  This is the religious basis for the conservative work ethic, that just as salvation is earned by laboring to cast off your sinful nature, so must success in earthly affairs be earned by your labor.

And conservatism shows us a fairer and better way to live, by freeing us to work for ourselves, not for the government.  By the same token Christianity to me provides the best vehicle by which to better myself by offering a tangible reward for laboring to cast off my sinful nature.


2 comments on “Conservatism and the Christian Work Ethic

  1. squirrely1 says:

    Exactly! And this is the reason I think it is important for the leaders of our country to maintain the Judeo-Christian values as the core plum line of our country with which to operate. Just as our founding fathers did, Christianity was at the core of their value system and helped to shape alot of our original culture. I think the more we try to divorce ourselves from that and get away from this Christian value system and the more we try to become a nation full of Political Correct tolerant sympathizers we will continue to see a real decline in the moral fibeer of our country IMO.

  2. colfoley says:

    Good blog.

    I think though that a re wording might be appreciable, not on ideas, but on titles. I do not know why I am so obsessed with this of late but here I am :P. You only talked abotu one specific aspect of Conservatism and Christianity, specifically the work ethic, you did not go into the mirade of other issues that are at the heart of Conservatism and Christianity. Perhaps Conservatism and the Christian Work Ethic would have made a better title?

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