So Long True Charity, it was nice knowin’ ya

It is perhaps ironic that as I sit here recovering from a stomach bug, most likely picked up from the child care center at which I work, that I and many others who love freedom must now bear stark witness to its death.  Yes I speak of the health care bill.  In a previous blog I wrote about the concept of true charity and how it does NOT come from government mandates.

Charity can never come from government mandates.  Let’s first take a look at the definition of charity as set forth in the Merriam-Webster dictionary shall we?


1) benevolent goodwill or love toward humanity

2) generosity or helpfulness esp. toward the needy or suffering; aid given to those in need; an institution engaged in relief of the poor; public provision for relief of the needy

3) a gift for public benevolent purposes; an institution (such as a hospital) founded by such a gift

4) lenient judgment of others

It becomes quite clear that charity then must be a PUBLIC provision, not a government one, and that it must be a gift for public benevolent purposes.  It’s not a gift for the poor if such a charitable thing were not given freely, as all gifts are.  So government welfare programs fail in providing true charity.  Where’s the free will if help for the poor is the result of government mandates?  I feel much like Simon the Cyrenean (feel free to check my spelling on his nationality, LOL!) who was forced by the Romans to help carry the cross upon which would eventually, and which came to pass, hang the Savior of all mankind.  I could never sleep at night knowing that my help came from people who were forced to help me rather than instead helping me of their own free will.

I also spoke about how true charity must be geared towards helping the needy help themselves, just as it says in Scripture that God helps those who help themselves.  Government welfare programs are not geared towards this goal either.  Government welfare programs are designed to give us only one thing, a nanny state where people become slaves to the government.  I am reminded of the PsiCorps mantra from a show called Babylon 5: We fed you, we clothed you.  The Corps is Mother.  The Corps is Father.  Quite chilling when with the passage of this latest expansion of government in our private lives we are coming closer to having a version of this mantra play out in real life: The Government is Mother.  The Government is Father.  This is precisely what our ancestors bled and died to fight against.  Our ancestors got sick and tired of the British government telling them how to live their lives and imposing costly taxes.  I would say that it is becoming close to the time where we may have another violent revolution like the first one in 1776.  I pray to God that we can take back our country without having to resort to exercising our Second Amendment rights, but I fear that we may be left with no other choice.  And perhaps these earthquakes we keep hearing about, while it is not God punishing us, perhaps they are the result of our Founding Fathers turning over in their graves rather violently.


3 comments on “So Long True Charity, it was nice knowin’ ya

  1. colfoley says:

    well my friend, you certainly seem to get it 😛

    Its going to be so curious to see where all of this goes, all the evil, and all the badness, and to see what the reaction of the people will be. How much of them will be echoing those kinds of sentiments. I sure hope it does not come to violence, and in the end I really do not expect it to come to organized violence. But my new Montra is the battle for health care is over, the war for our freedoms has now begun. We may have lost one, we cannot afford to lose the war. For this is a declaration of war on the American people. Peaceful, yes, but it certainly has the potential.

    Great lines for the founders too 😛 me and my dad laughed 😀

  2. Myn M. says:

    *sighs* Yep. It’s kinda depressing. In my eyes, the worst part is the abortion issue. People just keep believing these lies. Somehow, people keep believing Obama, even though I’ve heard he’s gone back on his word before. Stupak is either not the somewhat honorable man I thought he was or just plain stupid.

    And I just caught some virus over the weekend too… strange coincidence. Kinda funny, actually. In a dark, ironic humor sorta way… =P

    I couldn’t help but chuckle at that last part about the founding fathers. It helps that I actually pictured it. LOL

    ~ Myn (from GW)

    • madgater says:

      yeah….human life….society’s greatest and most beautiful gift….at ANY stage of development
      and now we seek to lower the value we place on human life… longer the sacred thing it was once valued as

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