The True Value of Life and Liberty

For this blog I aim to talk about the many types of value we bestow on something.  When we buy things in the supermarket, for example, those things certainly have a monetary value for us.  Our property also holds certain monetary value.  But the greatest value we as human beings are capable of bestowing on something remains our willingness to give all that we are, our very being, our very life, in its defense.  This highest of value is reserved towards that which we consider sacred.

As a Roman Catholic, my faith is sacred.  I would gladly bleed and die before renouncing my faith in Christ.  So for me Christ is one of these sacred “things,” for lack of a better term that deserves the greatest value I am capable of bestowing upon it: my willingness to give my own life in His defense.  Life, too, is humanity’s greatest and most powerful gift, for without this gift we would not have liberty, another sacred gift that deserves our highest value.  We risk our lives every day for the innocent.  We even risk our lives to save the lives of those who some would say do not deserve such an honor.  But as a Christian I cannot stand idly by while anyone, for any reason, attempts to gun down someone in cold blood.

Our willingness to risk our very lives for that which we hold most dear to our hearts is the highest value we are capable of bestowing on something that we consider sacred.  It is one of the greatest and most powerful acts of love we are capable of as humans.  It is said in sacred Scripture that “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”  This establishes sacrifice for that which we hold dear the greatest act of love and the greatest value and the highest honor we are capable of bestowing.  This goes especially so for our children, at ANY VIABLE stage of development (the “keyword “viable” is meant to exclude cases of ectopic pregnancy, where the children are not viable and are most likely already dead by the time the surgeon gets around to removing the ectopic pregnancy) because our children represent the continuation of the human race.  We continue as a race through our children.  And where is our moral authority for risking ourselves for other innocents if we cannot do so for our own children, either inside or outside of the womb?

But sadly we are seeing a devaluing of this powerful concept.  We as a people are learning selfishness instead of love.  We are being taught that risking ourselves for our children is not the act of love that we know it to be.  We are ultimately being taught to have an entitlement mentality towards  commodities like money, food, clothing, health care, etc.  And we are being taught to hate things like love, life, and liberty.  If we are to have any hope as a nation, we must restore the concept that risking ourselves for that which we hold sacred is an act of love to its rightful place.  Our ancestors bled and died because they loved life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  And now we are witnessing their loving sacrifice being taken in vain.  Because either life is sacred or its not.  And if you believe it is not, then you do not believe in liberty, for without holding life as humanity’s greatest gift, a gift that enables human societies everywhere to continue their existence, there can be no moral basis for liberty.  Many people brag about how they say, for example, stopped a robbery or rape in progress, putting their own lives on the line in the process.  But when it comes time to place this value on the life that a woman carries within her womb for 9 months, they are reluctant to do so.  Some even view that child as a parasite.  Where then is the moral authority for these people to risk their lives for other noble endeavors, such as foiling robberies?  Either human life is sacred at all stages of development or it’s not.  We cannot afford to be lukewarm about this.


11 comments on “The True Value of Life and Liberty

  1. colfoley says:

    Excellent excellent Blog my friend. And it goes into some of the stuff that I have been talking about, and that I will be talking about. About duty and morality. We do have a dutry to be moral. And its like you said, either human life is sacred or it is not. I would not go as far as saying someone cannot go into a burning building to save a guy but that is still something. And you are also right that liberty is essential to life. And hope

    • madgater says:

      Well I wasn’t trying to say that one should not save another’s life from something like a burning building or stopping a robbery, but because some of those people then turn around and try to legalize murder of children inside the mother’s womb, it does bring into question their moral authority for saving the lives of other people. That’s what I was getting at.

  2. squirrely1 says:

    excellent blog Joe….and I agree. So many times people are just feeding into that apathetic lifestyle of what can you do for me today ….waiting for their hand outs rather than getting work or getting involved. We do need a wake up call in America and I think that time is quickly approaching.

  3. Myn M. says:

    Wonderful post! Very well thought out. I agree with you completely. I can’t really add anything, just wanted to let you know I agree. 🙂

  4. lifeofdi says:

    But how much should you risk? How much should you put your life on the line?

    If you truly think children are systematically being murdered on a daily basis, what measures are necessary to stop it? Of course people should be free to hold whatever beliefs they would like to, but does your belief just mean you work to ban abortions or would it justify violence against lawmakers, doctors, or others involved in making them possible?

    These kind of questions are always what I’m wondering when I read or hear something like this.

    • madgater says:

      The direct killing of an otherwise viable child is never morally permissible, for good reason. From the first moment of conception we exist as unique human beings. From the first moment of conception an innocent human life is present in the womb. I say direct killing because sometimes the child’s death can occur as the result of an action by the doctor that is not in and of itself wrong, like the ectopic pregnancy case I mentioned, or in cases such as uterine cancer, where the doctor’s intent is not to kill an unborn child but to remove a cancerous organ, but it does have the secondary and unintended effect of killing whatever unborn child may be present in the uterus. Though in both cases if the child is still alive I’m sure the doctor would do everything he could to save the child’s life. So yes I would like to see the sanctity of life restored to its rightful place in our Republic. However that does not mean we are without compassion for those women who have gotten pregnant out of wedlock, either by choice or by rape. That is why I encourage such women to visit a Christian non-profit organization, like Catholic Charities for example, to see what kind of help they can get for pre- and post-natal care and why I encourage people to donate to them as much as possible if they are able. If after having given birth the woman still cannot take care of the child on her own power, she is further encouraged to give the child up for adoption, which again there is plenty of not-for-profit assistance for in that area. There are a great many sterile couples who would love to have a child to care for. It’s why we call adoption the loving option. Of course all of this means that love and marriage must also be restored to their rightful places of honor. That it is much wiser to abstain until marriage. Using man-made contraceptives only enables the false notion that we are animals driven by instinct alone. We are not. In some small way we are but we are possessed of the gift of reason. It is this that aids us in overcoming our temptation towards devaluing our greatest and most powerful gift, which is to create life from committed love, for the purposes of mere carnal pleasure. Don’t worry. True pro-lifers like me also never advocate for gratuitous violence against people like George Tiller. We have always been quick to condemn such acts. Ours is a peaceful movement. Don’t worry. I also never treat women pregnant out of wedlock with anything less than dignity and respect. While I’d be disappointed that such a woman felt they couldn’t wait until marriage (unless it was a case of rape, in which case I may have to be restrained from seeking out the jacka$$ and beating him within an inch of his life for such a heinous crime), I would assist them as far as I’m able to with my limited resources in carrying the child to term and giving the child up for adoption if the woman still can’t care for the child on her own after it’s born. Or if she chose to keep the child I would assist her in caring for the child….and perhaps even in giving her money to take community education classes offered by my local school district, which is the Ken-Ton district, in order to expand her skill set and make her more desirable to employers with decent well-paying jobs available. I hope this helps to clarify that true pro-lifers like me don’t just seek to end abortion, but also to help expand services that assist women in dealing with crisis pregnancies the ethical way.

    • madgater says:

      and also you can be assured that if any of my Christian brethren who run such non-profit organizations treat such women with anything less than dignity and respect (hating both the sin and the sinner, in other words)…I will be quick to decry such action

  5. lifeofdi says:

    I totally get what you’re saying about other options for mothers and hoping to respect human life in all stages of development.

    But I guess what I am wondering (and please don’t get the idea that I think you are going to go bomb an abortion clinic) is to what degree do you justify protecting unborn life? If children are really being massacred every day, then how far do you feel people are morally justified in going to protect these lives? Can they kill or hurt other people to prevent abortions?

    • madgater says:

      I thought I answered the question in my previous response….though since I do have a tendency to ramble sometimes it’s possible you may have missed it.

      The Church teaches that while we must be bold in our defense of the sanctity of all human life, the Church is also at pains to stress that such witness must be peaceful. Acts of gratuitous violence initiated against abortionists and pro-choicers are swiftly and irrefutably rebuked. We will however defend ourselves if we are the recipients of an unprovoked attack. Unfortunately there are some who have done this, like the person who murdered George Tiller. And I’m sure you caught the swiftness of the rebuke that time…though people STILL tried to paint all of us who are pro-life with the same brush in that case even though the Catholic Church issued a swift rebuke of that action. And I do grieve for his family as well and pray for George’s soul.

      My intent for my blog though was to give witness to one of our greatest and most powerful acts of love as human beings: to be willing to put our lives on the line for that which we rightfully hold sacred. When someone gives their own life so that another might live, that person is remembered as a hero for all time. Christ for me is the perfect embodiment of a hero. Upon His sinless flesh he took the burdensome sins of all mankind and allowed Himself to be marred by them and bled and died to free us form their power so that we might live eternally when we die in Heaven. Wow. So this concept applies even more so to our children, for the human race continues through them. So if one is to hold all human life as sacred at every stage of development, including the stages of development inside the mother’s womb, then one must be willing to place upon human life our highest act of love: to be willing to give of ourselves, including our lives, so that another may live. As for the nutjobs that go killing abortionists in cold blood, I hope they continue to be in the minority and that’s one minority that should be given no quarter. Though at the same time as a Christian I do pray for them that they can find it within themselves to give peaceful witness to the universal teaching of the sanctity of all human life from conception until natural death. The vast majority of us though are given to peaceful witness and peacefully seeking to change minds and hearts on this subject. So you have nothing to fear from true pro-lifers.

      Also unfortunate is the kind of treatment minors sometimes get from their parents when they find themselves with a crisis pregnancy (a pregnancy by choice out of wedlock or rape)……some parents have a tendency to let justified disappointment turn into unbridled anger which causes them to forget the love they have for their wayward children. And again should you find yourself in such a situation, don’t hesitate to drop me a line at if you wish to “speak” with me about it and what options you have that would help you to allow the baby to come into the world and I will do everything I can to help, including some way to try and mediate with your parents should they be the type to allow disappointment to turn towards anger. But if you have loving parents, then while they may be disappointed in you if you’re pregnant out of wedlock by choice they will love you regardless and help you have the child.

      LOL…..if I sound like a priest, I assure you I’m not, although I have been giving it some serious thought lately. At any rate I hope I’ve answered your question. See you around and I hope your current boyfriend (if you have one) realizes how lucky he is to have such a beautiful woman as yourself and I hope you will love each other enough to seal the love in marriage. Ciao!

      • lifeofdi says:

        This answer makes much more sense than the last 🙂

        Don’t worry, I don’t fear pro-lifers. I think there are violent fringe people for any cause. I just was curious about your stance.

      • madgater says:

        LOL…..I guess if I’m gonna become a priest one day I guess my preachifyin’ needs work eh?

        But I’m glad I answered it more clearly for you. And don’t hesitate to ask questions on any of my other blogs.

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