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It occurs to me that there is one issue where I can agree with liberals to a certain extent.  That of being good stewards of the world created for us to live in.  But that is the extent to which conservatives like me and liberals have something in common.  It is in the type of methods they use to encourage this where liberals and conservatives differ as greatly as the distance between east and west.

That being said, I have had the pleasure of civil discourse with known liberals who are truly interested in what kinds of solutions we as conservatives come up with, well, really only one so far, fellow blogger Ms. Lifeofdi.  This proves that if conservatives like me seek to promote their values with love, they will find a wealth of people seeking intelligent and civil discourse.  But in general what I’ve noticed is that to encourage good steward ship of the environment, many liberal seek methods that ultimately serve to increase the cost of living for everyone and encourage even more government expansion into our private lives.  Some even seek to devalue human life as a blight upon “Mother Earth” and seek to control through things like forced sterilization and abortions the rate at which new members of humanity enter the world.  This leads to another subject which I may write about in a future blog.

Conservatives, on the other hand, seek the same thing, but our methodology does not involve increasing government control and therefore increases in the cost of living due to the resultant increase in taxes.  We as conservatives seek alternatives to foreign crude oil that encourage the productivity and innovation and spirit of free-market competition that once made our nation the envy of the world.  One of them is off-shore drilling.  If we have to depend on crude oil at the very least as a backup in case sources of alternatives dry up or come under attack by our enemies, then it should come from domestic sources.  Keep the money here instead of putting it into the pockets of the Arab nations that make up OPEC.  Although I have heard a lot about the prospect of using algae as a biological source of oil from which gasoline and diesel can be made.  From what I have read algae is extremely plentiful and can produce very high yields of oil.  The yield can be as much as around 26,000 gallons per hectare according to various articles I’ve read on this subject.  That sounds like a pretty good yield.  And algae regrows at a pretty rapid rate too according to these articles.  So it sounds like they might be on to something here, esp. since encouraging research into the efficacy of algae as a source of oil would facilitate the creation of desperately needed private sector jobs in algae farming.  I welcome comments from my very few readers as to how effective this method might be.  Another way to be a good steward of the environment is to learn from our Depression Era grandparents.  Some of the methods of doing every day things that assisted them in saving money also have the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.  For example it is possible to make your own natural free and clear laundry soap from a bar of Ivory, some washing soda, and some borax, and some water (or no water if you’re trying to make a powder rather than a liquid).  You can also make your own febreeze from 1 cup of vinegar, 1 cup of liquid fabric softener, and 2 cups of water.  The Dollar Tree in my neck of the woods sells vinegar in 1/2 gallon jugs for a buck a piece, making it 2 bucks per gallon there.  And it is made from alcohol distilled from grain.  Also at Dollar Tree they have available liquid fabric softener that is made with biodegradable surfactants.  So just by encouraging frugality you’re also encouraging small ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly.  And it won’t cost us anything in terms of civil liberties or taxes (well except for maybe local sales taxes…..LOL).


One comment on “Environmental Blog

  1. colfoley says:

    Great Blog! :D.

    One, you are right and dead on. There is a difference between principal, and with policy. We can all agree on we need to be better stewards of the world, that is the principal, in that there are many policies, that we differ on. Here is the one thing about that, and there are many more examples were this can work. Lets unite on principal.

    It amazes me I can be called a rascist, fascist, dumb, say I do not know my ear from my ass, and this that and the other thing. I have been saying that a lot. But if you counter with love in your heart, and question with boldness and challenge them peacefully then you can win. I mean I was…and have several times in the past gone from basically you sux….to a civil discourse…until they admitted I had a point!

    I think the main thing is with that last bit is that we need to explore all options. the fundamental mistake that we have made in the past is only chosing a very short list of potential fuel sources. We need everything. One that is smarter way to go, gives us the ability to survive if one is suddenly unavailable to us, and two it limits the ecological and resouce damage that we can do with any one of the rescources since they regenerate over time.

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