Palm Sunday 2011

Palm Sunday 2011. The beginning of Holy Week for us Catholics. A sign that Lent is almost over and Easter is almost here. That the time when we can celebrate Christ’s triumph over sin and death, whose triumph grants us freedom from sin so that death no longer holds any power over us, is nearly at hand.

We call it Palm Sunday because of the Scripture passage where Christ first enters Jerusalem. He is greeted with open arms and shouts of acclamation and with people waving palms which are then laid along with their cloaks at His feet as He passes. They are overjoyed at his arrival. However just a few days later we see that they had a funny way of showing how much they loved Him. When He first got there they were overjoyed. Then a few days later these very same people hung Him on a cross, and the sins of mankind along with Him.

This situation from the Scriptures serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls of seeking worldly recognition, fame, and riches. These things of the world as we have seen in Christ’s situation are transitory indeed. And such things usually require that you surrender your soul, to sacrifice Truth at the altar of seeking the imperfect and transient material things of the world. These things will never bring you true power and happiness. Only by recognizing that we have the capacity to love others as Christ loves us can we break the power of the world to sell our souls into material slavery.


4 comments on “Palm Sunday 2011

  1. squirrely1 says:

    Nice blog as usual Joe πŸ™‚

    I love the symbolism of how Jesus used the donkey to ride into the city … showed just how humble he was from the start. Just like his humble beginnings in the stable at his birth. I will also take great joy in seeing his triumphant return as the Conquering King….and how his second coming will have such a contrast to the first. πŸ™‚ Truly awesome stuff.

  2. colfoley says:

    Good blog…but are you blaming the entire city of Jerasulum over what a few people did? Especially considering it was Roman Government officials.

  3. Wow,, That is awesome!!

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