Pettiness in Dialogue

Liberals and conservatives have enough to debate about.  Should health care be socialized?  What should be done about the environment?  How should our needy be taken care of?  These are but a few of the many issues we discuss with each other every day.  Is it really necessary to stereotype certain eating habits as liberal or conservative?

Choices in the kind of food we eat are a personal choice which makes stereotyping such choices rather stupid if you ask me.  People tend to stereotype vegetarian/vegan lifestyles as something liberals do and meat-eating lifestyles as something conservatives do.  However I know plenty of meat-eating liberals and plenty of vegetarian/vegan conservatives.  In fact I’m looking into trying the vegan diet at least temporarily to lose some weight along with some exercise.

So when people in the debate decide to bring eating habits into the debate, that tells me that in order to resort to such pettiness, the debater that brought it up has no valid argument left on the issue being discussed.  I say this for both liberals and conservatives, stick to the issue being debated and leave each others’ eating habits alone.  Feel free to post about what kind of diet you have here in my comment board.

Ostensibly if you’re looking into going vegan sometimes it’s best to go in baby steps, such as first baking like a vegan.  I’ve been baking like one for awhile now as it helps me save on eggs and milk.  You’d be surprised at how many delicious egg-less and milk-less dessert recipes there are out there.  And for eggs it’s very easy  to substitute an egg vegan style: simply take 1 T. ground flax seed or cornstarch and mix it with 3 T. of water and replace every egg in the dessert recipe with it.  And in most dessert recipes milk can be replaced with water without loss of consistency and applesauce makes a good replacement for the fat in most baked desserts.