Palm Sunday 2011

Palm Sunday 2011. The beginning of Holy Week for us Catholics. A sign that Lent is almost over and Easter is almost here. That the time when we can celebrate Christ’s triumph over sin and death, whose triumph grants us freedom from sin so that death no longer holds any power over us, is nearly at hand.

We call it Palm Sunday because of the Scripture passage where Christ first enters Jerusalem. He is greeted with open arms and shouts of acclamation and with people waving palms which are then laid along with their cloaks at His feet as He passes. They are overjoyed at his arrival. However just a few days later we see that they had a funny way of showing how much they loved Him. When He first got there they were overjoyed. Then a few days later these very same people hung Him on a cross, and the sins of mankind along with Him.

This situation from the Scriptures serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls of seeking worldly recognition, fame, and riches. These things of the world as we have seen in Christ’s situation are transitory indeed. And such things usually require that you surrender your soul, to sacrifice Truth at the altar of seeking the imperfect and transient material things of the world. These things will never bring you true power and happiness. Only by recognizing that we have the capacity to love others as Christ loves us can we break the power of the world to sell our souls into material slavery.


Happy Easter Everyone!

Today is the day when Christians everywhere celebrate one of our highest holy days ever: the day when we were restored to life by the rising of our Savior, who being the perfect leader He is, gave of Himself so that we might be free of our sins.

Today is the day we celebrate the glorification of the Son of Man as the unblemished sacrificial Lamb sent by God the Father, the Creator, who would take upon Himself our sins and be slaughtered and crushed by their weight, but having done so willingly will destroy their power by His rising.

Some say it is impossible for a human being to free us from our sins because up to that point all human beings had been subject to the original sin of the progenitors Adam and Eve.  But this is where divine intervention came in.

If I were to burden someone with my baggage who was already burdened with his own baggage of the same kind, that person would rightfully say: You idiot!  Can’t you see I’m loaded down with my own burden?!?!?!  So it is that the Son of Man by his very nature would have to be specially created by God to be able to carry the burden of the sins of the people.  So that means this Son of Man, this sacrificial Lamb, would have had to be originally created without sin Himself, for it would make no sense to raise up as the One who saves us from our Sins one who was created with sin himself.  And because He took this burden willingly, and willingly allowed Himself to be crushed by their weight, the power of this burden was nullified, allowing Him to rise to eternal life so that the people might be restored and refreshed by the victory of the sacrifice of this unblemished Lamb of God.  Because God is our perfect leader is how this came to pass.

Happy Easter everyone!